Phone: (989) 345-5363

Fax: (989) 345-5103
1938 Dam Road | West Branch, MI 48661

Monday-Friday: 8am to 7pm
Saturday: 9am to 12pm
(for boarding and med pick ups only)

West Branch
Veterinary Services


Urgent Care & Emergencies

At West Branch Veterinary Services we realize that your pets, our patients, do not always get injured or become ill according to a tidy schedule. In recognition of this reality, we are able to handle these sudden illnesses and injuries during office hours as urgent care cases. We recommend calling our office (989-345-5363) when you find it necessary to bring your loved one in urgently so our staff can be prepared for your arrival.

We also understand that you may need veterinary care at times beyond the scope of our expanded office hours. Though we are not a dedicated 24-hour emergency hospital with emergency personnel on stand-by, we do strive to provide care and options to our clients and patients outside our regular hours.

Please call our office number (989-345-5363) and follow the prompts to get information for contacting on-call personnel.

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